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Your Invoice Printing and Mailing Service in the USA

Our electronic billing service is dedicated to any business that requires invoices, statements, newsletters or any document that needs to be printed and mailed or e-mailed. We provide discounted invoice printing, envelope and insert stuffing, and mailing for all business from telephone answering services, utility and water delivery companies to pest control companies, local associations, banks, shipping companies, government, utilities & hospitals.

If your file is uploaded by 9 am EST, we will print, stuff, stamp and mail your invoices, statements or newsletter SAME-DAY by 3 pm EST.

Free your staff for more productive tasks!

cheap invoice, bill, statement printing and mailing service in the usa

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Continue billing with your existing computer program but instead of mailing it out, upload your print file to us and we'll do the rest!

  1. Custom Invoice Printing & Mailing - We securely process and print your invoices/statements and insert them into mailing envelopes with reply envelopes. We apply postage and correct postal bar codes. Then we deliver them to the post office within 24 hours or less. You save up to 20% on postage costs, up to 90% on stationery, 100% on staff costs and your bills are received faster, helping to improve your cash flow.

    Starting at only $.65 per invoice ... NO SETUP FEE!

  2. Invoice Emailing - We send your invoices or statements by email to your customers. They can pay securely online at your website. You can start accepting payments the same day!

    Starting at only $.18 per invoice [plus a one time set up fee]

SAVE TIME AND MONEY, GET PAID FASTER and Print and Mail offer unmatched speed, accuracy and low cost to increase your profits.

Continue billing with your existing computer program, email or upload your billing file to us and we'll do the rest!

From only $.65 per invoice. NO SETUP FEE!


How Fast?
Upload your file by 9 am EST and your billing will be sent out by 3 pm EST. We quickly transform your bills from plain paper to dazzling digital documents. Then, we shorten your billing cycle - delivering bills instantly and allowing payments through your website the same day.

Best of all, our service requires no hardware or programming on your part.

It's Effortless!
We integrate seamlessly using your existing billing software. We include everything you need for effective, inexpensive digital billing.


Eliminate Costs for:

Cost / Piece:

$.414 - .44
Cost of Pre-Printed Invoice/Statement
(incl. sales tax, shipping, warehousing)
$.02 - .18
Cost of 'Mailing Envelope'
(incl. sales tax, shipping,warehousing)
$.03 - .09
Cost of 'Reply Envelope'
(incl. sales tax, shipping,warehousing)
$.03 - .09
Cost of Printing: toner/ink/ribbons,
wear andtear, problems, repair
$.05 - .10
Cost of Mail Meter, Folder, Sealer, etc.
$.01 - .09
Time: Order & receive forms, insert in printer, print, solve problems, separate, fold, insert in envelope, insert reply envelope, apply postage, deliver to mailing point
$.24 - .48

Done yourself in-house
Your Cost Per Piece:

$.84 - $1.52

Our Price Per Piece:

$.65 - $.87

19¢ - 65¢ per piece!